Disley Windows

Company established in 1992


Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answer - for a lifetime! This is a question that we get asked more than any other. Recent advancements in materials and fabrication have greatly improved the already substantial life-time of uPVC products. A very large job that we completed for Dystlegh Grange care home 20 years ago, still looks as good as new now.
Just wash them regularly with soapy water and they will continue to look pristine. The latest uPVC materials are designed to stay clean and bright for a very long time.
I take care of everything. Unlike some companies who send a young lad round to fit your windows. I fit your windows using all of my 25 years experience and will continue to be your number one point of contact throughout the process.
NO absolutely not! You will deal with me Guy Morris throughout and I will discuss and advise you on the best installation for your property.
We cover up with quality dust sheets and leave your house looking clean and tidy.